Does Age Matter When Training for a Sport?

Does age matter when training for a sport? Yes, age matters when training out for sport. The youth are known to have active muscles and fibers that can easily aid sport training. More so, because of their youthful burst and enthusiasm they are known to perform exceptionally well in all sport. On the other hand, the old have myriad sports that they cannot participant not just because of age barriers placed on most sports but mainly because of decline in efficiency that comes with growing old.

Age is important in all sport. All sport has different division that is separated by age range. However some are majorly of sports are known to as youth sports and others for those that are older.

List of Sports for the Old

Does Age Matter When Training for a Sport?
Source: YMCA

The below are few sport that those above 40 can engage in;

  1. Running and Track

This is a very common sport for the old. Those within 40s, 50s, and above can kit up and race on the tracks. Most oldies find this sport exciting as it brings back flashback of their youthful strength.

  1. Cycling and Mountain Biking

Oldies can participate in cycling and mountain biking and race with those of their age range for the finish line.

  1. Powerlifting

Strangely, those that are above 40 are still seen featuring in powerlifting, though the weight might not be conventional but fair reason for their age range.

  1. Triathlon

Triathlons are always demanding combining a fine amount of swimming, cycling and running. Amidst these task, many oldies have trained hard and compete therein with those within their age range,

  1. Walking Soccer

Contrary to football that is fast-paced and full of shot and fierce tackle, walking soccer is slow-face and ball is kept on the ground. Many oldies have taken to it because of its corollary to the traditional soccer.

List of Sport for Young Individuals 

Source: YMCA

The below is a list of few sport that youth can engaged in;

  1. Soccer

Soccer is the most view sport in the world. It is loved, watched as well as played by billions of individual around the world. Soccer is played in every country.

  1. Basketball

Basketball is a sport for shooting hoops. It is a sport played by young people both professional and locally. Basketball athletes are the most paid athletes in sport.  

  1. Cricket

Cricket is among the best sport played by the youth of almost country, it has a huge fan base in UK, Asia and Australia. The International Cricket Competition (ICC) is among the famous sporting event.

  1. Tennis

Tennis is known as a youth sport. Its youth participating over the years has skyrocketed from less to about 4 millions. Statistically, research indicates that the number would still rise.

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is sport that many youth has come to accept and own, it has ben ranked as the best sport for youth because it teachers lessons such as communication and teamwork.

  1. Sprint

Sprinting is the best sport that youth can use to expend their energy. Sprint requires power and speed, two things that youthful stage provides.


Does age matter when training for a sport? Yes it does but it basically depends on the sport you are training for. If you are training for a youthful sprint and you are above 40 then you can try out in the triathlon with those of your age groups.

Regardless of your age there is always a sport for everyone, so pick a sport that suit your age range but importantly do not allow age from hindering you from participating in the sport you love. 

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