What is the most popular sports in the world? Football (Soccer) is rank first on the list of famous sport. It has about 3.5 billion fans all around the world. Football is actively played by an estimate of about 250 million people. Scattered across 200 countries around the world. Giving it the top position of the most popular sport.

Football, as referred to as soccer in some part of the world, it is a team sport that two opposing team of  eleven players each play. It has two goal post stationed at each end on the rectangular field. The goal is to strike the ball with any part of the body (excluding the hand) to the opposing net. The goalkeepers, who wears a gloves is skillful in catching and punching the ball with his hands or legs. When outside the six yard box, he must use his legs only and otherwise when within.

Basis For Ranking Football As The Most Popular Sports In The World

Source: SoccerClub

The below are basis makes football rank as the most popular sport:

  1. Number of TV Viewership

When it comes to TV viewership, football is definitely unmatchable. This is the only sport that gets billions of fans in front of their screen during every match and competition.

  1. Number of Rights Deals on TV:

Owing to the massive audience, it has enable the sport land massive TV deals. Example FIFA, the world’s biggest and prestigious competition. They have already bagged more than $1.85 Billion for the World Cup 2018 and World Cup 2022 combined. And all this from TV rights alone.

  1. Popularity number over the Internet:

The popularity of football is also profound over the internet. As every search and keywords revolves around a player, a team, a manager, transfer update, or champion draws and update.

  1. Number of sponsorship Deals: 

Football players attract a lot of sponsorship deals, either for club teams, national team, or individual players. It’s always a fierce battle as brands bids to get their names on the jersey of top players. Furthermore, individual star players enjoy the attention of renowned brands such as Puma, Adidas and Nike are always drooling out sponsorship deals.

  1. Amount of Social Media Presence:

Social media has helped widen the reach of football. Today both footballing stars and fans has hijacked this for their advantage. Example, footballing stars such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano  and Neymar Jr has billions of followers with an post that keep fans engaged.

  1. Biggest Competition stage

The world cup is undoubtedly the biggest footballing stage globally, as it features fans and patriot traveling across the world to cheer their favorite team. 

The UEFA champions League is another prestigious competition as team from different leagues battle for glory of being crowned champion.

  1. Number of professional Leagues: 

Football is the highest number of leagues playing at a professional level. Every country has their national team, then beneath that are series of professional teams that plays and compete at the local level.

  1. Equal Gender representation: 

Football as against other sports has a remarkable representation of men and women. Every national or club has a corresponding female team although the man is more prominent but the female division is also on the rise.

  1. Annual Relevance: 

Irrespective of the time or season, football is always relevant. Different sporting leagues span till the end of the year to keep the league well alive and buzzing.


Football ranks top as the sport loved and watch by fans around the world. The sport is known to bring thrill, fun and excitement to fan as they passionately glue to the screen cheering their favorite team to victory. More so, footballing superstar are known to deliver top shelf performance, just what the game needs and to the pleasure of the fans.

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