What exactly are the intramural sports? If you have never heard of the term before, we are here to briefly guide you through it. Intramural sports are the type of team and recreational sports activities that universities, colleges or other types of organizations manage. Usually, the type of organizations are schools or higher education establishments. It could also be a certain geographical area. Now let’s get into some more details.

Types Of Intramural Sports

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There is a wide range of intramural sports depending on which your college features. But usually these below are the list of intramural sports played at most colleges:

  • Basketball
  • Kickball
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Dodgeball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer (Football)
  • Volleyball (Outdoor & Indoor)
  • Swimming


Every student of the college (both freshmen and satellite) is eligible to register for any sport featured by the college’s intramural sports.

Most universities however, have different divisions in each sport, such as Division 1 and Division 2:

  • Division 1

This division features the top athletes in the college. These athletes usually consist of satellites that have proven themselves and earned a spot and jersey on the team. Usually, they feature in the college’s team when they play against other colleges. These division consist of athletes that are usually in college through certain sports scholarships and are with hopes to go pro.

  • Division 2 

Here we have teams of athletes that represent the school, college or university. They play against other similar teams from other universities, colleges or schools. They also consist of star players.

Benefits of  Intramurals Sports in Colleges

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  1. Sports enhances academics

Intramural sports complement the academic experience of students. It also enhances teamwork, integrity, respect, accomplishment, and leadership qualities. These aforementioned qualities are cardinals to academic excellence.

  1. Create Friendship

Furthermore, intramural sports creates camaraderie among teammate and most time opponents. The time spent on the sporting field with teammates (and opponents) builds a lasting bond of friendship that in most cases lasts a lifetime.

  1. Improve your physical and mental wellbeing

All sports demand fitness and fitness is a byproduct of exercise. A routine of exercise such as jogging, running, and drills help keep players physically fit. Furthermore, one or two intramural sports have a profound psychological impact on players. Activities such as jogging, running, and drills help reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

  1. Nursery bed for Pro

Intramural sports provide a breeding ground for athletes with intention of going professional to pick up the needed skills and qualities that are needed. Skillset such as dribbles passes, and shot-power can be learned and mastered. Qualities such as leadership, teamwork, dedication, and commitment also.


Intramural sports has grown from just a series of competition played within a college to a tradition that has brought both prestige and recognition to colleges. These sports usually consist of different types such as Basketball, Kickball, Rugby, Baseball, Softball, Dodgeball, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, and Swimming all played in different divisions.

The goal is to bring students of all spheres of life at the college together and unite them under the universal language of the sport while enhancing academics, and friendship, and promoting physical and mental well-being thereby creating a fun atmosphere for non-athletic students while helping those that have an intention for going professional achieve their goal.

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