What kind of sport is cricket? Cricket is a sport of tactics as two teams take turns to bats and fields. This continues till the end of the game as both team batters with intention to score a run, as the fielders try to prevent them. Each runs are recorded and the team with the highest one wins. A run is scored when a batman that struck the ball make a successful run from one cease line to another.

Cricket is played by eleven players on each team on a 22-yard pitch with wicket comprising of two bails balance on three stumps.

Brief History Of Cricket

Source: Caesar

The origins of cricket date to the Dark Ages. Somewhat after the Roman Empire, before Normans invaded England. Research points to the game evolving from an old sport in an uncomplicated time. Where a player servers off an object that placed on a small wooden piece where it should be knocked off. It is yet unknown how the aforementioned developed into hitter defending against throwers nor is there any evidence as to the time were distinct point were  awarded to how far the hitter is able to dispatch the ball or the whole process developed into both teams playing against each other. 


The below are list of equipment you would need to play cricket;

  1. Batting Pads 

Batting pads are the most essential part of a cricket kit. The pads help in protecting the leg of the player while batting.

  1. Thigh Pads

The thigh pad protects the part of the leg that is left expose by the batting pads. 

  1. Abdominal Guard

This is worn over the abdomen, and protects it from being hit by the ball.

  1. Chest Guard

Chest guard is usually worn inside your clothes, to protect a player from injury in cases of missing the ball.

  1. Cricket Bat

A cricket bat or blade is essential to play of cricket. 

  1. Batting Gloves

Batting gloves protects the fingers and knuckles from injuries. 

  1. Elbow Guard

The elbow guard or arm guard protects the elbow and arm.

  1. Cricket Helmet

The cricket helmet protects the head from any form of injury. 

Position and roles

The game of Cricket features different players with different skillset that allow them play in diverse roles. Below are the position and corresponding roles of cricket players.

  1. The captain 

The captain is the most responsible and respected position on the team. 

The roles of the captain includes;  team selection, making calls as it regards tossing of the coin before the commencement of the match, and most importantly, dictate the play style by telling the fielders were to position themselves.

  1. The wicketkeeper

The wicketkeeper is another big position and responsibility on the cricket team.

The role of a wicketkeeper includes; retrieving the ball every time it is bowled (save when it had been hit to the extreme of the opposite side of the field). The wicketkeeper must also be in his/her toe to grab the ball whenever it goes their way.

  1. Bowlers

The role of a bowlers includes, preventing the batsmen from scoring easy run by continuously bowling, by bowling the batter out far enough.

  1. Batsmen or batswomen

The role of the batsmen and women includes; scoring runs with their bat when it is their turn,  utilizing bad deliveries from bowlers.


Cricket has come a long way from an archaic dark age sport to a sport played, watched and loved by millions around the world. Its play-style, superstars, suspense, crush and thrill has continued to hook it’s fan and many more.

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