What is Rugby sport? Rugby also known as American football is a game played by two opposing teams if either 13 or 15 players. It is an action packed team sport that has it origin dating back to 19th century in England. Rigby is commonly played in two forms, and the common being the 15 players mode. Which allow both team to have 30 players of 15 each per team.

 In recent time, the 7 team Rugby has been introduced and featured in the Rio Olympics of 2016. This type of rugby allows each team to posses 7 players each in their team.


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The game play of rugby involves a combination of both strength and speed. As the objective is to get the ball across the opponents goal in an attempt to try to score behind the try line. 

The game starts from the middle of the field and ball must then be kicked. Usually towards the opponent’s corner at least 10 meters forward. A player in the receiving team would have to catch or prevent the ball from touching the ground and when he does he passes it to a teammate.

Positions in Rugby

  1. Loose head

The loose-head, the hooker and the tight head props fall into the front line, referring to their rugby positions in the scrum. Both the props must be rigorous, offensive, tactical and must also have a hefty physique to be undefeated. They should also possess that zestfulness in head lock match.

  1. Hooker

Positioned in the middle of the front row, the hooker is the one who throws the ball during the teams line-out, making sure it precisely collides with the lineout jumper who awaits the ball. The hooker handles the timing at the scrum and has a position to take control in the scrummage by securing the ball back in between the props’ legs.

  1. Second Row

These players are known as the locks the drive of the scrum and the target player that is on the lineout. They must be bulky, strong players with skillful scrummaging and accurate timing. There must  precision with their lineout jumping or else they give the opposition an advantage to take control.

  1. Flanker/Wing Forward

Flankers are the most involved as they do most of the physical action which includes winning the ball at the ruck and maul. Though they have the least responsibilities, they must have skills like tackling skills and ball  skills and must have the power, agility, speed and energy for a successful play.

  1. Number Eight

The number eight and two flankers make up the back row. Their area of skillfulness is basically the carrying of the ball, the tackling of the ball and supporting the play. The number eight is the only player that can carry the ball from the scrum’s base.

  1. Scrum-Half

The Scrum-Half is an essential component when it comes to raising attack on the offence. He or she interlinks the forward and backs together. It’s most significant job is to ensure a good pass can fly-half and to attain this, the players need  be alert, agile as well as to have a great vision with fast reactions. 

  1. Fly-Half

This is the most important player and position on the team, the fly-half has the role to both work out the defense of the opponent and their striking play style. The fly-half is the assigned kicker for penalties, drop goal attempt and conversions during the play. The fly-half organize the back line of the team and respond to gaps in defense.    

  1. Wing

We have the right and left winger and they are the quickest on the pitch. As the sideline defenders, they need to have very good tackling skills. They are try scorers, running up and down the pitch to try score and block the offense from scoring.    

  1. Centre

Exactly behind the fly-half are the outside and inside center. They must be powerful runners with great line of vision to be able to see the gaps in the other team’s defense. They must also be good at tackling.  

  1. Full-back

The full-back is the player at the back of the whole back line. They must be tall enough to receive high balls. The full-back is the sweeper of the defense and undertakes the opponent. Full-backs must have firm hands in order to catch the ball and pass.    


Rugby is a sport that two opposing teams play. Where players on each team try score points by carrying, passing or kissing the ball. Points count when the ball grounds through the opponents’ goal line or by hitting the ball through the two post that are over the crossbar of the opponent’s goal line.

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