What is the easiest sport? Badminton is a sport played by two to four players with the use of a racquets. The goal is to keep the shuttlecock. Long enough in the air by hitting it back and forth across the net. The game is classed under the net and wall game. Net and wall game are those types of games that involves playing on a court that is split in halves. Usually by an upright net indicating two areas. Badminton is predominantly played as either a double or single sport.

The shuttlecock, which is also referred to as the ‘bird’ or ‘birdie’ is a small hemispheric cork. That has 16 goose-like feathers attached and on an average weighs about 5 grams. Due to technology, improvement has been made the design of the shuttlecock. As the recent design now comprises of synthetic material due to the fact the Badminton World Federation approved the prototype and made it mandatory for all competition.

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About Badminton

The name ‘Badminton’ was derived from after a house in South West, England around the mid 19th century. However other scholar claims that the sport can be traced to places such as Chine, Greece, or even India while others has attributed it to an ancient children’s game played at battledore. However most agreed that the game was first unofficially played about 1873 at Beaufort in Gloucestershire, England because of the similarity shared by a county of same name. recent research has also supported this notion.

Badminton was initially played by men before the women also took to it and thus the man competition took place before the women. The first badminton men’s competition took place in 1899 and the women’s tournament was also organized the following year. Though both event where all unofficial but yet it was sufficient to give badminton the right structure and footing it needs to be an official sport.

Gameplay of Badminton 

In badminton, the bird is served by a player where it would hit against the wall and land on the serving zone; after which the opponent player (depending on if it is a single or double) should reach out and play the birdie before it hit the ground twice.  These process is continues until either one player or teammate (single or double) fails to return the ball before the second strike to the ground or if the ‘bird’ is played out of bound. It was not until 1992, in the Barcelona Olympic Games that badminton was included and played and since then it has been an Olympic sport comprising of both single, double and mixed double. 

Why Is Badminton Easy? 

  1. Leisure inclined

Badminton is preferred if you want to play and enjoy your free time. It easy nature allow people to learn and start on easy. 

  1. The equipment

The racket used to play badminton is very light, easy to hold and provide a firm grip. This makes it easy to strike the bird.

  1. Little or no skillset

Badminton literally requires no special skillset, all you have to do is keep the bird at the sky.

  1. Played by all

Old, youth and children can pick up and play badminton. It easy nature which requires no exertion of much effort makes it a perfect sport the child and old, a demography that lacks adequate strength 

  1. Economic in nature

Badminton is a cheap sport. As against other sports that have list of gears to purchase. All that is need for Badminton is racquet and shuttlecock.   


Badminton is one of the easiest and most rewarding sport. It is the best sport to start with as it ensures good fitness, physical activity, improves your concentration and much more.

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