What is the hardest sport to play

What is the hardest sport to play? There’s a reason why some of the world’s most famous athletes choose to play sports like ice hockey, boxing, and football; they’re tough. In fact, these sports are some of the hardest sports in the world. Take for example ice hockey, which just so happens to be the sport with the highest number of reported injuries out of any sport played on ice or land. Or boxing, which is both physically and mentally exhausting despite having few rules and regulations.

Ice Hockey – it is the hardest sport to play by far. 

What is the hardest sport to play
Source: NHL

It’s a full contact sport, with players colliding with each other at high speeds. And they do this while skating on ice with sharp blades. If you’re going to be good at hockey, your ability to take a hit (and dish one out) is key. Hockey is also played in leagues where there are no referees, so the players have to police themselves. Whether it’s limiting physicality or making sure everyone shows up for games and practices.

Water Polo

The water polo ball is much heavier than basketball and football. The water polo ball is also much larger than either of those two balls, so it’s harder to throw and catch. Even if you have strong arms, you will need to develop them, even more, to be able to play this sport properly.


It’s also a challenge to play lacrosse because catching, throwing, and running with the ball are all extremely difficult. In lacrosse, you use an oblong stick to hit or carry a rubber ball around the field. It can take hours of practice just to learn how to hold your stick correctly! When you add in all of these other factors into the mix it makes for one very challenging sport.


Football is a hard sport to play because of the contact: football players are bigger, faster, and stronger than you. Football players have more endurance than you do too. They can run for hours without getting tired!


Gymnastics is a popular sport that requires strength, flexibility, and grace. Gymnasts must be able to perform a variety of skills in order to succeed at the highest level of competition, such as cartwheels and handstands. In addition to these physical requirements for success, gymnasts must also be able to perform in front of an audience—an added challenge that can cause many athletes to falter during competition. 

Bull Riding

Bull riding is a rodeo event in which a person rides a bucking bull for a set distance or for a certain amount of time. The rider is rated on the basis of their ability to stay on the bull for that time

The goal of every bull rider is to stay on the bull longer than anyone else. If you can stay on it for eight seconds, you’re doing great! You’ll get lots of applause from the crowd and some nice prizes too! But if you fall off before then, well … they won’t be so happy. So make sure not only that you’re good at riding horses but also at staying upright while riding them!


Rowing is a hard sport because of the amount of weight you have to lift, the repetitive motion and the time spent on the water.

When you row, you are essentially spending hours upon hours in an uncomfortable position. You’re also lifting up to 80 pounds out of water at times, which can cause back problems if not done properly or with proper equipment (a rowing machine would work best).


I’m sure other sports are hard to play, but these are just my top seven. Now I know some of you may think that your sport is the hardest because it requires more athleticism or coordination than others, and I agree with you. But when it comes down to it, ice hockey is the most difficult sport to play in my opinion. Because of all these reasons: it’s fast-paced, intense physical contact with opposing players who want nothing more than beat up on each other while they try and score goals.

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