Have you searched for a “What sport should I play” quiz recently? Are you confused about choosing the right sport for you? There is a plethora of sports out there and sometime it can be confusing to pick the sport you want to pick. Even if you take a review and survey of all the sports out there you would still be confused about the sports to choose. With the help of a well-structured question you can narrow the list down and find out which sport suites you.

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What Sport Should I Play – Quiz 

Find out with sport suite you by answering these questions:

  1. How old are you?





40 Plus

  1. Which describes your body?





  1. Why do you desire to play sport?

New skills



Peace of mind

  1. What type of sports do you prefer?




Not relevant

  1. Which facility is close to your resident?

Track and Field




  1. How much can you afford to pay for sporting equipment?


Not too much


  1. How much can you afford to pay for coaching?



What I can afford 

  1. How much time do you intend to spend on the sport?

6+ hours

5 hours

3-4 hours

1-2 hours

  1. How often do you wish to hit the gym?


Twice weekly

Thrice weekly


  1. Would you like to earn from your sporting skills?




Not relevant

  1. Do you enjoy people watching you while you play your favorite sport?




It doesn’t matter

If you answered yes to most questions you should play team sports or highly competitive sports like tennis. If you answered no you should play sports like golf or billiard. Not sure? Maybe you should try out new things and see which one goes the best for you.

Things to consider before choosing a sport:

  1. Your Age

Your age is very important. All sport have an age demographic, so if you are too young or too old you might not be able to play the sport.

  1. Your Physical Attribute

Your physical attribute plays a key role in determining which sport you can play. If you are tall, then you might want to consider basketball, if you are well built then you would do well in rugby.

  1. Having Fun

For some, sport serves as a hobby and an avenue to explore and have fun. If this is you then you would want to explore more sport that can serve your fun escapades.

  1. Are you Starting a Career?

Do you wish to pursue sport professionally and make a career out of it, then you would want to take time out to explore the career path for most sport and pick that which sparks your interest.

  1.  Your Budget

Sport is not cheap; you would need to invest a deal of amount on coaches, workout and procuring kits. The cost of each sport differs, so if you are low on cash then you would need to consider sport that are less financially demanding.

  1.  Your Time

Sport is demanding; it demand time and attention. Time for constant training, mastering drill, and play style. So you should check your schedule if you have time to dedicate to that sport.

  1. Your purpose

All sport involves drills and exercise that helps build athlete while ensuring they stay fit. You should be crystal about what you intend to achieve. If you want to gain weight or burn off those excess calories.


Choosing the right sport is very important as it would aggregate to determining your future, especially if you are thinking of pursuing sport professionally. If otherwise, sport would dictate your fitness rate and bring teammates that would form a great part of your friends and people you have in your life.

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