Which outdoor sport can combine both aerobic and anaerobic exercise? Field hockey and lacrosse are two of the most popular sports that combine aerobic and anaerobic activity together into one. Field hockey is an outdoor game played by two team of eleven players each with goal of hitting the a small hard ball into the opponent’s goal. Lacrosse is a sport played by two teams using the lacrosse stick and ball. 

There are other sport that can be classified under aerobic and anaerobic separately such as football, rugby, basketball, volleyball or tennis but only lacrosse and field hockey passes for doing both exercise in the single sport.

Which Outdoor Sport Can Combine Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise?
Source: YMCA

What is Anaerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic exercises are those exercises that help the body break down glucose without the use of oxygen. Practically, these exercises are very intense but usually last for a short period of time. Example of these exercises includes weight lifting, Pilates, circuit training, yoga and other types of strength training.

What is Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercises are low in intensity as they require the use of oxygen. These exercises are often carried out repeatedly in a sequence. They help the body keep and maintain fitness. Example includes walking, jogging, dancing, biking and swimming. It is highly recommended that we intricate aerobic exercise into our daily life.

Difference between Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic and aerobic exercise are distinct and the below explains their distinction.

  1. Oxygen consumption

Anaerobic exercises includes those set of activities that does not require the use of oxygen for the breaking down or glucose while an aerobic exercise are those set of activities that requires the use of oxygen in breaking down glucose.

  1. Sport intensity

Anaerobic exercises are known to be high intensity while aerobic exercises are known to be less intense.

  1. Time lapse

Anaerobic exercises are known to be high boost but last for a short period whereas aerobic exercises are known to have low intensity but last a long period of time.

Things to Consider when engaging in Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercise.

The below are things you should consider if you are participating in anaerobic or aerobic exercise. 

  • Seek professional medical attention, especially if you are or experience symptoms to diseases or you are on a prescribed drugs for a particular ailments. 
  • Start out light and low! You can increase your intensity and weight as you move along. Do not start exercises that would degenerate to having negative effect on your health.
  • Always take a minimum of three to five minutes to warm-up and stretch before starting out on any exercise. Opting for slight warming up exercises such as jumping jacks, light jogging, bike rides or any other preferred exercise.
  • Take out time to complete any preferred aerobic exercise.
  • Before picking a fixed exercise, be sure to try a few out as to have a feel of it all.
  • When done with exercise, take out time to relax and stretch to reduce bodily pain and joint stiffness. 
  • Always give out time for the body to rest and recover. If you are new at exercise, your body would need a longer time to rest and recover.
  • A good nutrition and balanced meal is perfect to help the recovery process. More so, water should be at bay to help curb dehydration during exercise. 


Anaerobic or aerobic exercise, what does it matter? What matters is that any form of exercise you decide to pick should be included in our daily routine. You should pick an exercise (anaerobic or aerobic) that is safe, enjoyable and revolves around your fitness needs that you will not have difficulty sticking to.

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